Whitney and Kellie Stark of Colleyville were just getting their children, a son aged 12 and a younger daughter aged 8, into bed on the evening of February 10.  At approximately 9:10 PM Mr. Whitney says he heard "a roar and then a loud noise, like a sonic boom.  I thought a plane had hit my house".  They quickly ushered their children downstairs.  After the storm outside subsided, they ventured out, like their neighbors, to assess the damage.

An uprooted tree (far left) and downed wrought iron fence are just some examples of the destruction at the Stark household in the Sapphire subdivision

What they found was overturned pool furniture, uprooted trees, downed wooden and wrought iron fences, and their trampoline, which was in their back yard, in the neighbor's front yard across the street in a jumbled pile of twisted tubing.

That same neighbor had a hole blown in his roof.

The subdivision of Sapphire, where the Starks reside, is located just off of Colleyville Boulevard and north of Tinker Road.  It is a quiet, gated community where the neighbors know each other.

Caldwell Creek has reported major damage, and Monterra reports downed fences and roof damage.  Several other neighborhoods in the Grapevine and Colleyville area reported damage.

Emergency personnel on the scene said that they had been told that it was a tornado, not straight line winds.  As they began to leave, it was apparent there was actually a sense of relief.  "I've got a lot of work ahead of me", Mr. Stark stated.  Mrs. Stark added "Thank goodness no one was hurt".