Need a dress for banquet or prom? See Chic Boutique

Prom and banquet season is upon us, and everyone knows how expensive that can be. Dresses, tuxedos, flowers, tickets to the prom, even limousines or party busses can easily add up to significant cost. In fact, some choose not to go because of the expense.


Lisa Hall (left) and Karen Hagood inspect two dresses before putting them on the rack.  Over 400 dresses are available in all sizes and colors

Realizing that prom and banquet dresses run from $300 to $600 and this could be a factor in many girls going to prom, Lisa Hall, GCISD Trustee, knew there had to be an answer. So Chic Boutique was born to solve the problem “if the only thing keeping a girl from going to prom or a banquet is a dress, then we have a solution.”

She first went to the Council of PTAs for permission to use their building, and it was unanimously approved. “Darlene Bodish and Jennifer Shumaker have been great!” says Lisa.

Then Ms. Hall started asking around if families were willing to donate their mostly “once worn” dresses. Several others helped spread the word, including Denise Light, Karon Hagood, Sue Harry, Christine Glaser, and GCISD Trustee Karen Deakin. Soon, they were gathering dresses, and the word got out in a big way. Grapevine HS student Sarah Beth volunteered to help steam clean all the dresses. Paul Pardo built the dressing rooms. Ross department store donated dress racks, and 91 Design made the signs and graphics inside the building. “The response has been overwhelming” Lisa reports.

In all, over 400 dresses have been donated, ranging from size 0 to size 18, in all colors and styles. Some even have the tags still on them. There are long and short dresses, and they are appropriate for both proms and banquets. There are shoes and accessories to go along, and there are full length mirrors to see how great you look!

The Chic Boutique is open every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm through May 7 for all GCISD middle and high school students attending proms or banquets. It is located in the portable trailers at the GCISD Administration Campus, next to Mustang-Panther Stadium. There is no cost at all, not even a deposit. And if a girl wants to get a second dress for another occasion, she simply has to return the first one.

Lisa is currently working with hair stylists and nail professionals to get those preparations provided on the day of prom as well.

For more information, please email Lisa Hall at .